Why Partner With Us?

Trust, transparency and accountability.

The Benefits of Mentorship

Isn't it better to own your own practice?

Milwaukee Dental Partners doesn’t prevent you from owning a practice. On the contrary, you are an owner. You’re partnering with a dentist who’s experienced in private practice ownership and knows how to avoid the pitfalls most new business owners will encounter.

Why should I trust a DSO?

No DSOs here! Dr. Pako Major is a strategic partner. If you don’t want to incur the risk of owning alone and you don’t want to succumb to the corporate machine or an associateship, Milwaukee Dental Partners is right for you.

What makes Milwaukee Dental Partners different than a DSO?

Milwaukee Dental Partners was designed to provide dentists with all the benefits of a DSO while allowing them to retain the perks of practice ownership. There’s no corporate machine making demands, setting quotas or pointing to a bottom line. This is a partnership and a two-way street.

What types of opportunities do you offer?

It depends on your goals. Do you already own a practice that you need help with? Are you looking to join a team or acquire? Do you have a vision for a scratch start? Let’s talk about it and see if there’s a fit.

How much can I potentially make with this partnership?

Before we sign anything, we’ll work together to create a deal that’s fair and that all parties feel comfortable with. Transparency is of the utmost importance.

What procedures can I learn?

Dr. Pako Major is highly skilled at dental implant placement. During his time at Heartland Dental, he placed more implants than any other doctor at the organization. He also believes that dental implants are the new standard in quality care, and that as doctors, we should do everything we can to set a patient up with a permanent, life-long solution.

He's also highly experienced in a variety of other complex procedures and techniques including, molar endodontics, extraction of impacted third molars, and treatments involving sedation dentistry. If you’re interested in clinical training, Dr. Major has a hands-on approach to education.

What do I get from your mentorship?

Dr. Major knows from personal experience just how difficult it can be to go it alone. Hone your leadership skills, learn how to communicate with patients, and better understand your business. With his mentorship, you have access to a seasoned partner with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

How is the work/life balance?

When you own alone, there usually is no work/life balance — at least not at first. Milwaukee Dental Partners can help you achieve the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of without the wait. We’re not suggesting you won’t have to work hard, but we can help you achieve a better balance. 

What do you expect of me?

Milwaukee Dental Partners is a partnership opportunity. We expect you to put in the same level of effort that any business owner would put into their practice. We’ll need your full attention, your confidence, and your ambition to achieve our established goals.

Will I have control and decision-making authority?

This is a partnership, which means you get equal decision-making authority. Unless it’s part of our agreement, Milwaukee Dental Partners doesn’t make a move without you. 

What can I learn with Milwaukee Dental Partners?

Dr. Major can teach you how to better communicate with your team and streamline internal processes. He can provide clinical training so you can enhance your skill set, breadth of service, and quality of work. He can show you how to educate patients and present treatment in a way they’ll understand so they say ‘yes’ more often. With Milwaukee Dental Partners you can increase production and reach your goals faster.

Ready to partner with Pako?