What We Do

Provide the mentorship, training and resources that you can't get on your own.

Access to Education

Clinical training is one of the most sought-after services that dentists look for when choosing a partner. You want to work with someone who will enhance your professional skill set and your practice. 

Dr. Pako Major trained dentists for years as a Clinical Director at Heartland Dental. He’s highly skilled at dental implant placement, having placed more implants than any other doctor at Heartland during his tenure. He's also highly experienced with complex procedures like molar endodontics, extraction of impacted third molars, and sedation techniques. ‍

A partnership with Dr. Major opens a door to education and clinical training that you just can’t get when you work on your own.

The Benefits of Mentorship

Servant Leadership

By putting the team before the bottom line and helping you develop as a doctor and an individual, we can all gain through the principles of servant leadership. It's time to communicate better, build more trust, and create a positive work culture for all.

Patient Education

Building trust is an essential part of patient retention, and it often comes down to the way we speak to people. Dr. Major can show you how to build rapport so your treatment recommendations are heard, understood and accepted.

Maximum Efficiency

Fresh eyes can make all the difference. Dr. Pako has helped partners and mentees streamline their processes with a few simple tweaks. Through his mentorship, Dr. Major has helped practices achieve up to $20,000 in extra production per month.

Resources & Support

In-Office Systems

Creating or simplifying systems can save your team time and money.

Team Trainings & Support

Build a confident team with on-the-job training and support.

Insurance & Scheduling

Streamlining or automating processes could be just what your team needs.

Vendors & Supplies

We keep up with the practice’s production to keep things running smoothly.