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Do more good for more people

Doctors start their own practices because they want to support themselves and their families, live independent, free lives, and provide patients with the quality care and treatment they deserve. That can be a tall order that requires a lot of time and hard work. But Milwaukee Dental Partners can make it easier. 

We help dentists enjoy the benefits of independent practice ownership while still gaining access to the resources and support that private group practices provide. Dr. Pako Major can show you how to maximize yourself, increasing patient care and productivity, while lowering stress and living a happier, more fulfilling life. It’s time to start doing dentistry your way while doing more good for more people.

What we can do for you


Navigating the world of practice ownership can be challenging. Milwaukee Dental Partners empowers owners to make the right choices.


With Dr. Pako on-hand, doctors have the opportunity to expand their skill sets, creating more value for the patient, the practice, and the team.


Implementing simple systems in your office streamlines processes, resulting in greater production that helps you reach your goals.

Milwaukee Dental Partners is on a mission

Creating Positive Culture

When there’s camaraderie between you and your team, your business and your patients thrive.

Leading Through Service

In servant leadership, the patients, the team, and your growth comes before the bottom line.

Growing Through Education

Healthcare is an ever-evolving practice. We will always prioritize continuing education and clinical training.

Modernizing Practices

Investment in technology allows us to better serve patients and grow as healthcare providers.

Prioritizing Transparency

Partnerships only work if we’re all on the same page. That trust bleeds into every part of the business.

Investing in Community

Dentistry is about people. So let’s reach out at every opportunity to help strengthen our community.

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Dr. Pako Major sits down with Dr. Richard Low on The Shared Practices Podcast to discuss how to empower staff for better case acceptance, leadership, and clinical experience.

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Meet Founder, Dr. Pako Major

From scratch start to DSO, Dr. Major's journey has been filled with hard lessons and invaluable experiences, and every challenge has brought him closer to a new dream. His vision is simple, helping doctors achieve their goal of private practice ownership while getting the benefits and support of an experienced partner. With Milwaukee Dental Partners, your dream can be a reality, too.

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Partnering Practices

Fox Point Dental Studio

Opening a scratch practice with a dedicated partner makes all the difference. Dr. Major uses his expertise to help the team at Fox Point better serve their patients.

Jackson Family Dentistry

Providing superior dental care in Jackson has always been a top priority. With the latest technology and a capable staff, Dr. Major is helping his partners make strides.

Oakbrook Dental

An acquisition is a fresh start for a new practice owner. Dr. Major partnered with Oakbrook Dental and has led them through a successful transition aimed at growth.

Sauk Trail Dental

Sauk Trail Dental sought out Dr. Major's expertise to grow their practice without sacrificing personalized, comprehensive care. The results? A thriving, loyal patient base.